Clarify & Record is the award winning unified Call Recording system.

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Introducing Clarify & Record Call Recording

Introducing Clarify & RecordX Call Recording. Enhance performance, resolve disputes, comply with industry standards. Both Clarify and RecordX offer easy to use, yet comprehensive solutions for any organization.

Clarify & Record | Paleo Call Solutions
Trunk & Extension

Fixed line or extension recording in a single integrated solution.


SIP lines and IP extensions are recordable on the RecordX and Clarify platforms.

CRM/Database Integration

Link valuable customer information to your recordings for search and playback.

Agent/Call Evaluation

Ensure you deliver the best possible levels of customer service.

FCA Compliant

We ensure that RecordX meets all the recommended compliance needs.

PCI DSS Compliant

We support many options to allow you to mask certain credit card details.

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